Doxymacs is Doxygen + {X}Emacs.

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Doxymacs is Doxygen + {X}Emacs. The purpose of the doxymacs project is to create a LISP package that will make using Doxygen from within {X}Emacs easier.

This is the new home of the doxymacs project. We are currently modernizing the doxymacs codebase in preparation for a 2.0 release; you can see our progress here. Please direct any bug reports or feature requests to Issues section of the Github project. If you want to contribute, open up a Pull Request or mail your patches to the maintainer.

The current release, version 1.8.0, released 2007-06-10, has the following features:


Doxymacs depends on the following packages:

Make sure these are properly configured and installed before proceeding.



doxymacs mode was originally written and maintained by Ryan T. Sammartino. Its current maintainer is Patrick M. Niedzielski.